Oncology Acupuncture International Certificate Program Spring 23

Oncology Acupuncture Program
International Certificate

The World’s Most Comprehensive Oncology Acupuncture Online Program

Approved For CEU/CPD (click to learn more)

The next cohort will be Spring Semester (March) 2023
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4 Live Sessions
16 hours
11th & 12th March | 25th & 26th March

20 Pre-Taped Courses
18+ hours
Learn at Your Own Pace

250+ page
accompanying eBook

International Certificate
on Completion

Develop the competence to confidently and safely treat patients on their cancer journey

From Foundations to Expertise

  • Gain confidence in treating cancer patients.
  • Understand western medical oncology.
  • Appreciate the Chinese medical perspective on cancer.
  • Review research & evidence for TCM oncology.
  • Explain the vital role of Oncology Acupuncture in cancer care.
  • Optimum nutrition for cancer patients.

Core Competencies

  • Build safe, effective treatment plans.
  • Diagnose early signs of cancer – including red flags.
  • Reduce side effects of conventional cancer care.
  • Learn points & protocols for effective cancer treatments.
  • Improve patients’ quality of life.
  • Communicate effectively with cancer patients and medical staff.

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Registration for the Autumn 2023 program will start soon

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Learn from the World’s Best Experts

In this Acupuncture Oncology Program, you’ll learn from world-leading experts in the field of oncology. Hear the first-hand experience of professionals working in an oncology hospital setting and gain valuable insights. Discover effective treatment protocols for patients at every stage of their cancer journey, and develop your confidence in treating cancer patients in a supportive environment.

Dr. Yair Maimon PhD OMD Lic.Ac
Program Leader | ETCM President
Former director of Tal Integrative Research
Cancer at the Research Center of Oncology at Sheba
The former head of the Israeli centre for
research in complementary medicine (NPO)

Dr. Julia Hartung MD
Attending Physician and specializes
in haematology and internal oncology at the
Department of Gastroenterology and
Oncology, Rheinlandklinikum Dormagen

Jennifer Stone, MSOM, L.Ac.
Assistant research faculty for the Indiana University School of Medicine
Senior editor for Medical Acupuncture Journal

Patricia Bock, MMed (TCM, ZCMU)
Supervisor of the acupuncture department
at the Sino German TCM Academy

Katherine Taromina, DACM, MSTOM, L.Ac.
Academic Dean, Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine
Research Acupuncturist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Acupuncturist, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Rachel Pagones, DAOM, LAc
Chair of the transitional doctorate department at Pacific College of Health and Science (PCHS)

Eric Raymond Buckley, DOM, LAc
Founder of CHRISTUS St. Vincent’s Integrative Medicine department

Dr. Noah Samuels MD
Institute of Oncology,
Sheba Medical Center, Israel

Join an International Community

Be part of our growing global alumni network, and connect with oncology specialists and other TCM practitioners worldwide.

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Additional Info

The Curriculum

This program provides participants with a thorough grounding in Oncology Acupuncture. It comprises a mix of pre-taped eLearning courses, live-streamed face-to-face modules and self-guided worksheets. This variety of learning tools will optimise your learning outcomes.

Available Subtitles


German subtitles are available for all pre-taped classes, and Polish subtitles for almost all of them.

Dates and times of the Live Meetings, March 2023

11th March | 12th March | 25th March | 26th March

Paris/CET: 18:00 (6:00 PM)
Pacific Time: 09:00 AM
Eastern Time: 12:00 PM
London: 5:00 PM
Brisbane: 03:00 AM* (*Day After)
Mumbai: 10:30 PM
Cape Town: 7:00 PM

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Live meetings are 4 hours, including short breaks. They will be recorded and available for review for one year after the completion of the program.

Before the first Live streaming meeting
Live Meeting Weekend: 1st/2nd Live Meeting

Live-streamed 1st meeting.

  • WM Cancer in Western Medicine: Foundation to understanding cancer in western medicine. 
  • CM Cancer in Chinese Medicine. Physiology, Pathology; Cancer Differential Diagnosis (DD), Causes, Reaction to WM Tx

Live-streamed 2nd Meeting

  • Q&A + recap of the first meeting
  • CM Personalized Diagnosis & treatment plan. Oncology case studies.
  • WM & CM Breast cancer treatment.
  • CM Fatigue – Treatments & Research
Home Learning – Between the Live Meeting Weekends
Live Meeting Weekend: 3rd/4th Live Meeting
  • Live streaming3rd Meeting:
    • Q&A and recap of  the 2nd week. 
    • WM Therapy modalities: Chemotherapy (Biological therapy, Immunotherapy).
    • WM Immune system: Neutropenia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, Blood tests. 
    • CM Treatment of Low immunity: (Marrow, bone marrow, extra meridians and immunity. Special points to treat Zheng Qi,  Wei Qi, Ying Qi)
    • CM Treatment of Neuropathy with acupuncture. Tx Protocols & research. 
    • WM & CM – Old age and cancer

  • Live streaming4th Meeting:
    • CM Immunity. Research of acupuncture and immunity in cancer care. 
    • CM Herbs research LCS101, LCS102, Immunity & protection.
    • CM St 36 combinations and protocols for a variety of cancer care options.
    • WM Endocrine therapy. Drugs used and mechanism of action. 
    • CM Treatment of side effects: Hot flashes, Joint pain, NIH.
    • CM Special points used in the treatment of oncology.
    • Body Mind: the importance of the mind-body relationship in different stages of cancer.  


The program is enriched by a comprehensive 250+ pages workbook, including handouts and self-guided assignments aimed at supporting your studies and embedding learning. These diverse learning techniques will encourage deeper assimilation of knowledge.

Certification and Approval

This program is approved by a number of leading associations around the world.

If you don’t see your association listed please contact us.

28.5 Hours
(21 Group 1 | 6 Group 2
1.5 Group 4)

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Approval is possible after an individual request.

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Approved for 1CPD per hour under Category 2 Chinese Medicine

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Acupuncture NZ counts each hour as 1 CPD.

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This program is for licenced acupuncturists and students in their last years of studying. Completing this program and earning the certificate doesn’t substitute ground training in acupuncture. It is the graduate’s responsibility to practice following the laws in their own country and fulfil the requirements of their associations. By joining this program, you are stating that you meet our requirements.

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Accessing Your Course

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Unlimited Access

Once purchased, we grant you a lifetime access license. See more on our Terms of Use page.

We encourage you to return to courses as learning continues; in each view, we learn and understand new things.


When stated
CEU/PDA/CPD requirements need to be completed within 1 year of the purchase. You are advised to print and save your certificate for your records and under your association requirements.

Members of NCCAOM & Florida, need to fill in a form after completing their courses for us to submit the points. Look for our email after the completion of the course.