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Oncology Acupuncture Program

Your Program Page for the Spring (March) 2024 Program

Welcome to the Oncology Acupuncture Program page. This is your program homepage; from here, you can access live-streamed lecture recordings and complete your program participation. You will also find the curriculum with links to the pre-recorded courses and the Welcome course, which includes essential information.


Recordings will be added to this page shortly after each live-streamed session. You can access live-streamed content for one year to complete the Program.


Your final program assignment can also be uploaded here. You will receive your Certificate upon receipt of this final assignment.

A welcome message from Dr Yair Maimon

Housekeeping - Important Information

The Live Sessions

Available Subtitles


Once you have completed all eLearning modules and live-streamed classes, please upload your final program assignment to the last course on this page.


Once this has been received, your certificate will be issued and available on your account.


Participants must complete all courses and upload their final program assignments before receiving their final certificate. 


This program is built from eLearning courses, live streaming and homework. It is aimed at supporting learning through the introduction of a variety of learning methods.

We will meet for two Live Streaming weekends (2 & 3 March 2024 and 16 & 17 March 2024 at 18:00-22:00 CET, please check your time zone). Home studies complement the live classes at your own pace; before, in between and after.


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    • eLearning courses. Learning at your own pace. (Press a course name to go directly to the course’s page)


    • Live Streaming. Learning together; open for Q&A and discussions.

Live-streamed 1st meeting.

  • WM Cancer in Western Medicine: Foundation to understanding cancer in western medicine. 
  • CM Cancer in Chinese Medicine. Physiology, Pathology; Cancer Differential Diagnosis (DD), Causes, Reaction to WM Tx

Live-streamed 2nd Meeting

  • Q&A + recap of the first meeting
  • CM Personalized Diagnosis & treatment plan. Oncology case studies.
  • WM & CM Breast cancer treatment.
  • CM Fatigue – Treatments & Research
  • Live streaming 3rd Meeting:
    • Q&A and recap of  the 2nd week. 
    • WM Therapy modalities: Chemotherapy (Biological therapy, Immunotherapy).
    • WM Immune system: Neutropenia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, Blood tests. 
    • CM Treatment of Low immunity: (Marrow, bone marrow, extra meridians and immunity. Special points to treat Zheng Qi,  Wei Qi, Ying Qi)
    • Working alongside Western Oncologists  
    • WM & CM – Old age and cancer


  • Live streaming 4th Meeting:
    • CM Immunity. Research of acupuncture and immunity in cancer care. 
    • CM Herbs research LCS101, LCS102, Immunity & protection.
    • CM St 36 combinations and protocols for a variety of cancer care options.
    • WM Endocrine therapy. Drugs used and mechanism of action. 
    • CM Treatment of side effects: Hot flashes, Joint pain, NIH.
    • CM Special points used in the treatment of oncology.
    • Body Mind: the importance of the mind-body relationship in different stages of cancer.  

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