Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée

"What fascinates me is discovering the soul of the human being, what makes us human, and how this research has been conducted and expressed in different languages, in different centuries, in countries far from each other. I had the exceptional opportunity to meet China with Father Cl. Larre and Chinese medicine with Dr Jean Schatz. I was able to explore and cultivate this field in several of its dimensions, from learning the technical gesture to penetrating what makes the meaning of life for the Chinese of two millennia ago. Sharing this encounter is what makes my joy."

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Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée Professional Resume

Senior sinologist Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée holds a Licence and Master Degree in Classical Literature (Paris-Nanterre), Licence and Master Degree in Philosophy (Paris-Nanterre) and D.E.A. in Chinese (Paris-Jussieu).

She has been studying Chinese and collaborating with Fr Claude Larre and Dr Jean Schatz since the ’70. Elisabeth has published numerous translations, books, booklets, transcripts of lectures, and articles. She is currently Dean of Study in the European School of Acupuncture (Ecole Européenne d’Acupuncture, Paris. Senior Lecturer of the E.E.A. (École Européenne d’Acupuncture). Lecturer on Chinese Philosophy in the Jesuit University in Paris (Centre Sèvres).


She is teaching Chinese Medicine texts to practitioners worldwide. Over the years, Rochat de la Vallée has been teaching in leading schools around the world, such as École Européenne d’Acupuncture, Jesuit University of Centre Sèvres, Paris, and the Nantes University of Medicine (medical school) in the context of the Acupuncture Inter-university Diploma. Elisabeth is a senior member of the Editorial Board of the Grand Ricci project and the Organization Committee of the triennial International Colloque of Sinology on the History of Chinese-Western Relationships until 2005.