Anat Tzachar

Anat Tzachar

"Working in the field of women's health is my life calling. It is a great privilege for me to accompany women in the journey of femininity. It is a journey in which moments of joy are woven with pain and sorrow. Fortunately, Chinese medicine has always provided tools for physical and emotional support as well as for spiritual development both for my patients and myself. For that, I surely feel blessed".

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Anat Tzachar CV

Anat has been practising Chinese Medicine since 1998.

Her biggest love and passion in her work goes to women’s health; menstrual disorders, fertility, pregnancy and labor, menopause etc.

She studied with some of the leading teachers in this field throughout the years.


Graduated from the program of accompanying pregnancy and childbirth with acupuncture in “Lis Maternity and Women’s Hospital” and has worked in delivery rooms.

In 2013, along with Miriam Raich, she founded “Chinese Medicine for The Family”, a privet clinic for women and children’s health. 

In 2015, they began teaching post graduals gynaecology courses and seminars along with teaching the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, both subjects close to their hearts.

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