5 Element Acupuncture 2024 Live Day 5: Taking a Case History III

5 Element Acupuncture 2024 Live Day 5: Taking a Case History – Emotion Testing, Wood

The recording of the 5 Element Acupuncture: 5th Live Day. The class will be on April 20th 2024. The recording will be available within 48 hours. Handouts will be available about 48 hours before the class.

Day 5 – 4 Hours

In this session, we explore diagnosing based on the ‘five sounds’ in five element acupuncture and recognizing these sounds. Emphasis is placed on listening to both the content and the tonality of our patients’ voices.

Additionally, we address fear, its function, structure, and bodily sensations. We practice assessing the flow of fear and its balance or imbalance in patients while underscoring the importance of being in an ‘aligned state’ when observing emotions.

In the second part of this session, we review our learnings, including the observation and elicitation of the seven emotions and building rapport in treatment rooms. Utilizing ‘slow motion emotion testing,’ we demonstrate these techniques, address questions, overcome challenges, and break the process down into manageable stages. Furthermore, we focus on creating opportunities and enhancing our ‘delivery’ to improve emotion testing. This session provides an opportunity for questions, demonstrations, and the consolidation of skills acquired thus far. Throughout the session, you can expect concise lectures, group discussions, exercises, demonstrations, activities in breakout rooms, and practical homework assignments to complete between lectures.

Learning Outcomes, Day 5

  • Learn how to diagnose a patients elemental imbalance through listening to the tone and song of the voice. 
  • Deepen your understanding of the emotions, and increase your emotional flexibility in the treatment room.      
  • Review all of the emotion tests and observations and improve your ability to use these techniques by focussing on one part of the process. 
  • Consider how to continue to develop and improve as a practitioner beyond this course. 

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