5 Element Acupuncture 2024 Live Day 3: Taking a Case History

5 Element Acupuncture 2024 Live Day 3: Taking a Case History – Emotion Testing, Fire & Earth

The recording of the 5 Element Acupuncture: 3rd Live Day. The class will be on April 6th 2024. The recording will be available within 48 hours. Handouts will be available about 48 hours before the class.

Day 3 – 4 Hours

In this session, we explore the diagnostic process in five element acupuncture, contrasting it with the ten questions and eight principles of TCM.

We emphasize the development of our observational skills and senses to prepare for the practical aspect of the course and we also highlight the importance of establishing rapport in the treatment room, providing techniques to enhance it. Additionally, we cover how to evoke emotions in patients, when to encourage emotional expression, and how to assess emotional flow for diagnosis. Furthermore, we thoroughly examine the concept of joy, its equilibrium, and its relation to the ‘three principles’ and ‘five responses’ during small group practice sessions.

In the second part of this session, we focus on sympathy, understanding, and support, exploring their connection to the earth element and their role in addressing worry and overthinking. We practice delivering these emotions to patients and assessing their balance. We also consider our own emotional state for optimal patient care. Lastly, we explore facial color diagnosis based on the ‘five colors’ in five element acupuncture and its historical significance. This session includes brief lectures, group discussions, exercises, demonstrations, activities in breakout rooms, and practical homework assignments between lectures.

Learning Outcomes Day 3

  • Learn how to increase and develop your patient rapport, and why this is important.     
  • Understand how to elicit and assess joy in our patients through exploring joy in ourselves, and observing the natural flow of joy.
  • Deepen your understanding of how to give sympathy, understanding and support to our patients through exploring this in ourselves, and observing and assessing our patients response to this.  

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