Free Webinar Jing and Cancer

Cancer is a condition defined by western medicine. When we want to better understand cancer and the effects of modern drugs used for its treatment,  we need to look at the Chinese medicine view of this pathology and especially the role of the Jing.

In this webinar Dr. Maimon will unfold the Chinese Medicine view on cancer and its relevance to Jing as well as the diagnosis and clinical implication of Jing in cancer and its treatment.

Joining this webinar you will

  • Use acupuncture points and extra meridians in support of Jing and marrow
  • Understand the role of Jing in cancer
  • Describe the effect of chemotherapy & radiotherapy on Jing
  • Understand cases & research which support clinical application

Free Webinar
6th September, 10:00 AM Mountain time, 18:00 Paris Time 

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The webinar will be followed by the introduction of the upcoming
Oncology Acupuncture International Certificate Program
with time and space for questions regarding the program.

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