Oncology Acupuncture International Certificate Program

Oncology Acupuncture International Certificate Program

The World’s Most Comprehensive Oncology Acupuncture Program
Get The Knowledge, Skill & Tools To Expand Your Practice In Cancer Care

Starting 18th April 2021. Early Birds coming this March.

5 Live Meetings

32 hours 

Interactive Assignments
& Handouts

Certificate On

The Curriculum

This Program comprises of a mix of eLearning courses, live streaming and homework. A variety of learning tools will support your learning goals.

Before the first live streaming

Week 1: 

Week 2: 

Week 3:

Week 4:

  • Live streaming 4th Meeting
    • CM Immunity. Research of acupuncture and immunity in cancer care. 
    • CM St 36 combinations and protocols for a variety of cancer care options.
    • WM Endocrine therapy. Drugs used and mechanism of action. 
    • CM Treatment of side effects: Hot flashes, Joint pain, NIH.
    • WM & CM – Old age and cancer.
    • CM Special points used in the treatment of oncology.
    • Body Mind: importance of the mind-body relationship in different stages of cancer.  
  • Home Learning:

Week 5:

Week 6: 

  • Live streaming Extra Curricular Meeting
    • Program Q&A.