Shay Sharabi

Shay Sharabi

Shay Sharabi has been a practicing acupuncturist and herbalist since the year 2010. He holds a Diploma of Chinese Medicine from East-West-The Israeli School and Center of Classic Chinese Medicine, Tel Aviv, Israel. After working in a Chinese herbs pharmacy, he flew to China for short term studies at the ZhongFang Red Cross International Hospital for Chronic and Difficult diseases in Hunan.

After that visit to China, he started deepening his knowledge of Chinese medical and philosophical texts, focusing his practice mainly on the internal and external application of Chinese single herbs and prescriptions for treating various diseases. As a big fan of the ancient, experience-based, form of Chinese medicine, Shay kept sampling and trying various methods of treatment on himself and in his private clinic, using both well known Chinese prescriptions and folk remedies.

Since 2018 he is researching the medical texts for methods of treatment and preventing diseases – especially those treatments that are time-related. This research has led him to start teaching practical workshops on using “Heavenly Moxibustion” – a truly ancient form of external treatment, hardly known to western practitioners – based on the sole use of well known and commonly used herbs and spices, to stimulate the channels system in order to treat and prevent diseases.

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