Robert Hayden

Robert Hayden DACM, LAc

Robert Hayden has been a practicing acupuncturist since 1995.
He has taught Chinese Medicine since 1999 at six different accredited acupuncture colleges across the United States. He has contributed numerous articles to international acupuncture journals, and frequently publishes his work online.

Robert Hayden CV

 East Asian Medicine practitioner since 1995 and educator since 1998. Extensive specialty training in Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion. Has taught for four ACAOM-accredited colleges and one school in candidacy, as well as continuing education and bodywork certification programs. 

Teaching experience includes TCM theory, diagnosis, point location, acupuncture treatment strategy, Chinese medical classics, Chinese herbal materia medica and formulas, and TCM internal medicine, as well as clinic instruction in both acupuncture and herbal medicine. 

Clinic director experience includes development of clinical curriculum and assessment tools, managing herb dispensary and clinical supply inventory, compliance procedures, clinical faculty review, and preparation for ACAOM site visit. Program director experience includes development of didactic curriculum, program objectives, and analysis of transfer credit from other OM programs. 

Has served as accreditation Site Visitor for ACAOM. Served on Executive Committee of Board of Directors at POCA Technical Institute. 

Practice experience includes general practice with specialized experience in rheumatology, HIV-AIDS, and pediatrics. Practice settings have included community acupuncture clinics, M.D.-directed integrative medicine clinics, private practice offices, non-profit public clinics and home practices. Experience operating custom granule herb pharmacy. 

Served as contributor and associate editor for North American Journal of Oriental Medicine, with articles published worldwide in English and Japanese. Writes a regular new media publication on Chinese medicine, Clinical mulch . 

Current interests include study of Warm Pathogen Diseases (Wen Bing) and their application in modern practice, translating Chinese medicine texts of the late imperial era, and clinical integration of Japanese acupuncture techniques. 

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