Lingky Tan-Bleinroth

Dr. Lingky Tan-Bleinroth

Dr Lingky Tan-Bleinroth, MD,  studied medicine at the university of Witten/Herdecke in Germany. Since 2005, she has worked as a general practitioner integrating Western medicine and Chinese Medicine in her practice in Vienna, focusing on Western medicinal herbs and gynaecology/infertility in Chinese Medicine.


Since 1987 Dr Tan-Bleinroth has studied acupuncture and TCM with Jeremy Ross, Yuning Wu, Wang Ju-Yi (Applied Channel Theory), Radha Thambirajah and others. She is an international teacher of Western Herbs in Chinese medicine.

Courses by Lingky Tan-Bleinroth

Spring into Balance: A 30-Day Wood Element Exploration

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