Hila Yaffe

Hila Yaffe

My name is Hila Yaffe. 

I’ve been studying Chinese and Chinese Medicine since 1995. I practice Chinese Medicine in my private clinic, treating a large variety of health problems, using acupuncture and medicinal herbs. 


I give lectures and courses in the subjects of medicinal herbs, formulas, diagnostics, gynecology, internal medicine and Shang Han Lun. 


I worked for 12 years as a senior research assistant in the Research Center of Natural Medicine at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, where I had the opportunity to cooperate with different medical department, in order to create a fruitful basis for integrative medicine. 


I believe the strength of Chinese medicine lies in the ability to combine the observations and insights from ancient classical texts with the modern knowledge and understanding of physiology and pathology. 

Website in English: shanghanlun.org.il Website in Hebrew: shanghanlun.co.il

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