Dr. Hamid Montakab MD

Dr. Hamid Montakab MD

Hamid Montakab M.D., is an author and lecturer and has been practicing Acupuncture for almost 50 years. He founded the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts in Switzerland and was the cofounder and president of the Swiss Professional TCM Organization. Through his lectures, he transmits his rich clinical experience and in particular he shares the profound impact that Classical Chinese medicine, has had on his professional and personal life.

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Psychosomatics in Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture for Treating the Hidden Roots of Disease

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Dr. Hamid Montakab MD - Resume

Dr. Hamid David Montakab M.D. graduated from Medical School of Paris, did his residency in surgery and completed a 3-year education in acupuncture. Later spending 4 months in clinical training in China, followed by 2 years in exploring the local healing in the Philippines and India. He practiced for 5 years in America after obtaining the NCCA certification and a degree in Chinese Herbalism. In 1986 he founded the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts in Switzerland. Dr. Montakab was commissioned by the Swiss National Fond to conduct a scientific research study on Acupuncture and Insomnia. In 1995 he was the co-founder and president of the Swiss Professional Organization for TCM (SPO-TCM). Currently he practices in Savièse and lectures in Winterthur and other European countries.

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The Treasures of Acupuncture

Acupuncture Channel and Point Energetics / Clinical application of the written and oral traditions of Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Teating the Hidden Roots of Disease

The Mind and the Emotions in Chinese Medicine

Spring into Balance: A 30-Day Wood Element Exploration

Daily Insights into the Energetics of Spring – Transform Your Practice with the Wisdom of Wood