Charles Buck

Charles Buck

"Proudly an amateur in our medicine – a word that comes from the Latin root ama - ‘to love’. Over four decades ago I defected from biomedicine to find my destiny as a physician, scholar, author and educator in Chinese medicine. All because I love our profession, our people and our spirit so much."

  Charles Buck Resume

  Charles Buck is a veteran UK TCM clinician, educator and author known internationally for his insightful understanding of this medicine and his lucid, engaging style. With almost four decades in the field Charlie’s diverse interests have included classical Chinese medicine, medical sciences, communications and, through the 80’s and 90’s developed clinical specialities in fertility, oncology and dermatology. With a background in physiology Charlie studied at ICOM UK from 1981 and went on to pioneer CHM teaching and practice in the UK, notably teaching in senior roles for 20 years at the UK’s Northern College of Acupuncture. Charlie has published extensively and presented at numerous TCM conferences and colleges across the world. Working for TCM advocacy, PR and branding for many years Charlie also served a term as chair of the British Acupuncture Council. His textbook Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Roots of Modern Practice is an essential read.

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