Brechtje Sebregts

Brechtje Sebregts

"I like critical thinking and asking questions to get to the core. "Is that true?" "What do you mean by that?" "And how does it work?" I am curious and challenge you to be too. I wish you a lot of fun on your journey in Chinese medicine. Have a good trip!"

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Brechtje Sebregts CV

Brechtje is a graduate of the Qing Bai Academy and TCMA in the Netherlands and has been in practice as an acupuncturist since 2011. Inspired by Josef Müller’s working method, she decided to study constitutional meridian therapy in Switzerland in 2013. 

After that, she also followed courses in various styles including the 5 elements, and the Japanese style Toyohari. 


Brechtje specialises in the treatment of psychosomatic complaints and maintains a clinical practice in Leiden. 
Besides that, she supervises practitioners, works as a teacher and is an author. 

In June 2020 she published an article in the Journal of Chinese Medicine: The Treatment of Bruxism with Acupuncture. 

And in October 2021 her first book will be published about working with the divergent pathways in the treatment of physical and mental-emotional complaints. 

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