Alexandra Schmidt-Kirchhoff, Dipl.Ac

Alexandra Schmidt-Kirchhoff, Dipl.Ac

Alexandra Schmidt-Kirchhoff (Dipl. Ac, Agtcm) is an established practitioner with more than 25 years of experience.
She was always fascinated by ethnomedicine. 

She completed three years-full-time training in alternative medicine with a focus on TCM.
Alexandra studied worldwide, with the Chinese Physicians Association of Malaysia and Ecuador (Hospital Padre Carollo, Quito), to mention a few. 

Through her training in various alternative medicine techniques, she integrates ethnomedicine and traditional healing methods, like homoeopathy, osteopathy, western herbs and other styles of therapy. 

She relates these techniques to Chinese Medicine.

Alexandra is a lecturer at Hochschule Fulda (University of Applied Sciences) and the Heilpraktikerschule Fulda, teaching Chinese Medicine.

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