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The Mind and the Psyche in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture for Treating the Hidden Roots of Disease

Psychosomatics in Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture for Treating the Hidden Roots of Disease

An Extensive Online Training Program – 40+Hours

Approved For CEU/CPD (click to learn more)

Six pre-taped Modules +
1 Exclusive Integration Module

40+ hours
Learn at your own pace

Complete Handouts
Self Questionnaires

Certificate on Completion

What You Will Learn

Strengthen your confidence in your clinical abilities and explore the hidden roots of your patients’ problems to support them in changing towards a healthier and happier life


  • Mind & psyche in CM
  • The 5 sections of the psyche
  • Components of the Belief systems
  • The subconscious & the Gui
  • Personality disorders and their connection to the Luo vessels


  • Analyse the 5 constitutions types
  • The 6 energetic levels
  • Extraordinary Vessels involvement
  • The concept of Body Armors
  • Interpret the self-assessment questionnaires


  • Effective acupuncture strategies for harmonizing the elements
  • Regulate disharmony patterns and the psyche
  • Use specific acupuncture points to help traumatic memories
  • Provide exercises for your patients
  • Empower your patients with various techniques

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Learn from One of the World’s Most Experienced Practitioners

Dr Hamid David Montakab MD has combined classical Chinese medicine with modern science for over 50 years.
He graduated from the Medical School of Paris with a residency in surgery and completed a 3-year education in acupuncture. After obtaining the NCCA certification and a degree in Chinese Herbalism, he practised for five years in America. The Swiss National Fond commissioned Dr Montakab to conduct a scientific study on Acupuncture and Insomnia. He is the founder of the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts in Switzerland (1986), Co-founder & President of the Swiss Professional Organization for TCM (1995).

Watch Excerpts from the Program’s Modules

Module 1
The Psyche and the Body: Introduction

Module 2
Instincts and Emotions: Harmonizing the Temperament

Module 3
Constitutions and Belief Systems: Water

Module 4
Temperaments and Beliefs: Pathology of the
6 Energy Levels

Module 5
Memory Systems & Psychological Trauma

Module 6
Body Memories and Physical Trauma: The Abdominal Segment

Integration Module: The Clinical Application of Therapy Concepts. Recordings of actual sessions + case discussions
Exclusive for program participants only

What Students Say About Dr Montakab

His system is elaborated and differentiates patterns so you can treat individual complaints. Very entertaining and instructive.”
– Hardy, on Acupuncture for Insomnia: Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine

Wonderfully presented and very, very informative. Dr Montakab addresses and answers issues and questions that have come up in my 20 years of working in the Chinese Medicine world that wasn’t touched upon in my initial TCM training. As you grow as a practitioner in TCM/CCM, you continually become informed about what you don’t know, and hence you are constantly growing as you seek the answers. Dr Montakab’s very comprehensive lectures make this process enjoyable and rewarding.

– Pamela Moore, on Traumatic Stress: Management of Physical & Psychological Trauma with Acupuncture

Additional Info

Psychosomatics in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture for Treating the Hidden Roots of Disease is an online program. It is designed and pre-taped to allow you to learn at your tempo from the comfort of your home. The first six modules cover aspects of The Mind and the Psyche in Chinese Medicine. The 7th module is an integration module, putting it all together with the filming of authentic patients and actual treatments. It provides a fresh look at the complexity of things and insights that will help you embed the knowledge. 

You can start learning right now.


The program is enriched by comprehensive handouts easing your studies and supporting embedding learning. These diverse learning techniques will encourage deeper assimilation of knowledge. Each module will provide you with a complete booklet of slides and often exercises too.

Certification and Approval

This program is approved by leading associations around the world

If you don’t see your association listed please contact us and/or check the information on the Approval Page.

Group 1 | 42 hours

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47.5 PDAs/CEUs

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