The Five Elements


In this insightful course, Peter Mole expertly navigates the intricate ‘signs’ that identify the patient’s Constitutional Imbalance related to one of the Five Elements. He also delves into the emotional complexities often associated with these imbalances, known as Constitutional Factors (CFs). This course is designed not just to educate but to equip you with the critical skills for diagnosing and treating the dysfunctions of the Elements in the practice of Five Element Acupuncture.


This course stands beautifully on its own, offering a wealth of knowledge and insights. Additionally, it’s an integral part of our comprehensive 5 Element Acupuncture Program. If you’re interested in deepening your journey in this fascinating field, click on this link. There, you’ll find all the details and enrollment options for the program. Whether you’re exploring this course individually or as a step in the broader program, we’re excited to support your learning journey.



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