Renewed Journey: Oncology Acupuncture Refresher & Completion


This unique opportunity is tailored exclusively for graduates of our Oncology Acupuncture Program, as well as for those who began their journey with us but are looking to re-engage and complete the program. Dive deeper into the world of oncology acupuncture, reinforce your learning, and experience the live sessions anew with enhanced insights and understanding.

For Our Graduates & Returning Learners: If you’ve previously completed the program or wish to reignite your studies and cross the finish line, this refresher course offers a chance to solidify your expertise and engage with the material on a profound new level.

Important Note: If you haven’t completed or participated in the original program, we will need to cancel the registration. For newcomers interested in embarking on this comprehensive learning journey from the beginning, please visit the complete program registration for all the details.

We appreciate your understanding and are excited to support you in this renewed journey towards mastery and completion.





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