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The TCM Academy is the leading online continuing education Chinese medicine provider. With hundreds of courses, and in-depth specialisation programs by the world’s leading teachers, we are set to set a global golden standard for Chinese medicine education. 

We are not alone in that; we join forces with like-minded organisations to bring the best teaching to the worldwide community. 

Either it is a taped class, one of the many live webinars, or one of our famous live free symposiums, you have plenty of opportunity to collaborate with us, reaching a highly engaged community of over 25000 TCM Practitioners and other medical providers. 

Partnering with the TCM Academy means promoting a common goal: Applying the highest educational standards for the promotion of health throughout the world. This gives practitioners the opportunity to learn and practice with confidence to help local communities and those in need.

If you are interested in any partnership opportunities, please write to us at [email protected],

We would love to hear from you.



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