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The TCM Academy Partnership Program enables diverse schools, colleges, companies and organizations to benefit from our knowledge, skill and abilities in eLearning. Partnering with the TCM Academy promotes a common goal: Applying the highest educational standards for the promotion of health throughout the world. This gives practitioners the opportunity to learn and practice with confidence in order to help local communities and those in need.

TCM Academy works with schools, nonprofits and other organizations to address and fulfill our goals. Our partners contribute their knowledge and love of the profession as well as their ideas, kind support and more to help building a stronger community and promote good teaching and better healers world-wide.

Our inspiration is to create a community, an academy, of learning and we would like you to join us.

TCM Academy has established dedicated partnership programs for teachers and affiliates.

If you are interested in any partnership opportunities please write to us at,

We would love to hear from you.