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Specialist in Oncology Acupuncture 

Graduates of TCM Academy’s Oncology Acupuncture Program are equipped with the specialist skills necessary to support cancer survivors at all stages of their cancer journey. They have a fundamental understanding of cancer from western and Chinese medical perspectives and the ability to support patients undergoing western treatments and cancer survivors.

Earners of this badge have completed 50 hours of learning western medicine concepts of cancer development, diagnosis and treatment, and Chinese Medicine’s view and treatment of cancer. They are also familiar with the latest research in the field. Qualifying graduates of this program have demonstrated a thorough understanding of Oncology Acupuncture. Submitted assessments included a research review and patient case study.

Graduates of the TCM Academy’s program include Western medical doctors, TCM practitioners and student practitioners of TCM*

The teachers in the program include
Dr Yair Maimon PhD
Dr Julia Hartung MD
Dr Noah Samuels MD
and others


  • Build safe, effective treatment plans
  • Reduce side effects of conventional cancer care
  • Improve patients’ quality of life
  • Communicate effectively with cancer patients and medical staff

The Oncology Acupuncture Program in brief:

  • 16 hours of live lectures
  • 20 hours of pre-recorded lectures
  • 16 hours of homework
  • 8 Hours Western Medicine
  • 5 hours of research

* Disclaimer

This program is for licenced acupuncturists and students in their last years of studying. Completing this program and earning the certificate doesn’t substitute ground training in acupuncture. It is the graduate’s responsibility to practice following the laws in their own country and fulfil the requirements of their associations.

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