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Tzafrir Nachmani Dip. Ac



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Tzafrir Nachmani practiced Chinese Medicine for 14 years at the Izun Institute for Addiction and Mental Illness in Israel. This unique institute successfully integrates multiple therapeutic modalities, with the purpose of treating severe mental conditions (such as psychosis, bi-polar disorder, PTSD etc.) and various addictions.

During his years of practicing Chinese medicine Tzafrir has treated patients and conditions that are rarely seen in an ordinary clinic and has developed a novel way of understanding and approaching these conditions.

One of the these conditions that he has been treating all these years is Trauma and PTSD. He is teaching the treatment of trauma since 2017, and since the 7 of October attack in Israel, he is working intensively with survivors, soldiers and therapists.

Tzafrir’s article entitled Acupuncture Treatment of Substance Induced Psychosis, Addiction and Painwas published by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Tzafrir Nachmani graduated from East & West College for Classical Chinese Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is trained in five element acupuncture and he is influenced by the teac

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hing of Jeffery Yuen (US). He is also trained in herbal medicine, stems and branches, and trauma-oriented focusing.


Beside Chinese Medicine, Tzafrir is also a Body-Orianted Psychotherapist. He graduated a 2 years program for therapists in the “Hakomi” method, and he is still in continues learning.

Combining the knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Psychotherapy, Tzafrir is practicing and teaching how to do Psychotherapy Through the Body.

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