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Iris Abarbanel



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Iris Abarbanel is an AOBTA®- RI (Registered Instructor for Ampuku and Shiatsu-Anma) AOBTA= American Organization  for Bodywork Therapies of Asia)

 Senior therapist in Anpuku, Anma-Shiatsu, Bach Flowers and a SEP. (=somatic experiencing practitioner) in Israel. Specialises in working with children and adults somatically, integrative western and Japanese methods for multi-range holistic processes as possible, in a major range of healing processes including trauma, fertility, pregnancy, depression and more.Her work has an emotional emphasis in the processes of all various symptoms of the body and mind.


 Additionally, teaches continuing studies for bodywork therapists of Emotional Anpuku.

The heart of the course is the  ancient manual techniques and diagnose by Ota sensei and master Goto from the Edo period in Japan, Koda- hu and shuren tapping techniques , do-in and Ki-ko self practise, modern background around the “second brain, the abdominal and the vagus nerve, emotional first aid based on the SE ,Somatic experiencing therapy.


Iris also created and instructed a workshop for youth in the schools and in private centres, called:

”Listening to the body “. The program teaches mindfulness techniques for self help ,based on Anpuku and professional experience in the clinic, working with youth and their needs these days.


In 2020 she published after 3 years of work the first translating to Hebrew of the Japanese version from 1977 of the the original “Anpuku Zukai”,the book from 1827 written In Japan by Jinsai Ota, and is one of the only ancient text left to our days about the Anpuku.

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