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Dr. Hamid Montakab MD



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Dr. Hamid David Montakab M.D. graduated from Medical School of Paris, did his residency in surgery and completed a 3-year education in acupuncture. Later spending 4 months in clinical training in China, followed by 2 years in exploring the local healing in the Philippines and India.He practiced for 5 years in America after obtaining the NCCA certification and a degree in Chinese Herbalism. In 1986 he founded the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts in Switzerland.Dr. Montakab was commissioned by the Swiss National Fond to conduct a scientific research study on Acupuncture and Insomnia. In 1995 he was the co-founder and president of the Swiss Professional Organization for TCM (SPO-TCM).Currently he practices in Savièse and lectures in Winterthur and other places in Europe.

Publications:Treatment of Acute ankle sprains with Acupuncture, thesis (1977)Stresskrankheiten: co-author 2006 (Elsevier)Acupuncture and Insomnia/ Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine 2011 (Thieme)Bridging the Gap – Acupuncture Point and Channel Energetics 2012 (KIENER)