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Clare Foley



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After studying Chinese medicine and naturopathy in Dublin for 4 years at the College for Naturopathic Medicine, she trained in hospitals of integrative medicine in Beijing for 6 months.  It was there that she saw in practice what integrative care looks like.  


In China, these techniques are not ‘alternative’, they are a fully integrated part of the conventional medical model.  

All the doctors she trained under were conventional doctors who also specialised in TCM working on both in-patients and out-patients. 

This is the model Clare seeks to promote across the Western world by bringing to the fore the scientific basis of acupuncture. 


She completed her undergraduate degree in experimental physics and biology at M.U., Ireland and went on to a masters in biophysics at the K.U. Leuven, Belgium where she specialised in single neuron biophysics, global brain dynamics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics. 

Outside of her clinical practice, Clare is currently researching and publishing on the core mechanisms of acupuncture.

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