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Bob Quinn, DAOM, LAc

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Bob Quinn has been practicing Traditional East Asian Medicine since 1998. He has master’s and doctoral degrees in Chinese Medicine, both earned from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, in 1998 and 2008 respectively. He currently teaches in the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR.

Since 1999 Bob has been studying a number of Japanese acupuncture styles, most notably Japanese Meridian Therapy (Shudo and Toyohari styles), Shakujyu Therapy, Koshi Balancing, Yin-Yang Channel Balancing, and the Dr. Bear style. He has also studied Japanese moxa techniques extensively with Junji Mizutani, a noted master and scholar.

Bob often describes himself as first and foremost a bodyworker. He has studied and practiced shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage, Sotai, and Qigong Tuina. He also has lesser exposure to Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, and Trager style bodywork. All of these therapies influence how he now approaches his bodywork practice. All of these pieces have come together in what he calls Yin Sotai, his own style of practice.

Bob’s approach to herbal medicine traces back primarily to his studies with Heiner Fruehauf, Ph.D, a noted sinologist and herbalist. For a few years Bob worked in Heiner’s Hai Shan Clinic in Corbett, OR. There he learned Heiner’s approach to treating chronic Lyme disease, as well as cancer and autoimmune disease.

Before studying Traditional East Asian Medicine Bob taught high school mathematics and German for ten years. His parents were both trained as teachers, and he grew up in a family that valued education highly. He brings to his seminars his long-term dedication to teaching.

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