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Alaine D. Duncan, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.



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Alaine Duncan has a unique approach to acupuncture that integrates modern understandings of the neuro-biology of traumatic stress with ancient healing principles from Acupuncture and Asian medicine. This clinical fascination has carried her heart to places and people she never imagined when she graduated from acupuncture school in 1990, and completed Somatic Experiencing training in 2007.

She founded Integrative Healing, LLC in 2012 with a goal to integrate the wisdom of Asian Medicine with the study of neurobiology and traumatic stress in both the classroom and the treatment room. Her research background includes studies assessing the impact of integrative medicine on compassion fatigue in military caregivers; acupuncture for treatment of combat-related traumatic stress, chronic headaches in Veterans with traumatic brain injuries, pain in Veterans of all conflicts, and Gulf War Veterans Illness.


Alaine was a founding member of the Integrative Health & Wellness program at the DC Veterans Administration Medical Center where she served as a clinician and researcher from 2007-2017. She also co-founded the National Capital Area chapter of Acupuncturists Without Borders, who until Covid 19, provided free weekly acupuncture treatment to immigrants, refugees and neighbors in need.


Her book, The Tao Trauma: A Practitioner’s Guide for Integrating Five Element Theory and Trauma Treatment is the foundation for classes and workshops she offers for acupuncturists and mental health providers. It is available in print, audio and kindle wherever you buy books on line.

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