Celebrating Lillian Pearl Bridges’ Life and Legacy

Celebrating Lillian Pearl Bridges’ Life and Legacy – A Ceremony of Celebration

Dear colleagues, we are thrilled to invite you to this free online commemoration to honour with love the memory of our dear friend, colleague and master face reader, Lillian Pearl Bridges.

The evening is organised by Marian Nielsen Joos and the TCM Academy. We wish for as many as possible to join in on this event, created with our heartfelt admiration for Lillian in many different ways.

We will open with teachings within the field of face reading from her students, handing over wisdom and knowledge of her Chen family lineage. A kind of Irish Wake will follow this as we want to celebrate Lillian’s life and legacy during these hours with you. Music was an essential part of Lillian’s life; we will celebrate her memory with music. We will share personal stories and magical moments that we have gained through her teachings of her family’s tradition with us all from around the world, along with the delightful friendship many of us have had with our friend Lillian.

Be welcome to join us and sign up for this free online celebration event for Lillian Pearl Bridges.

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Meet the Speakers

Marian Nielsen Joos
Host & Speaker
Dr. Yair Maimon PhD OMD Ac.
Kelly Harrington
CT Holman
Peter Firebrace
Deirdre Courtney
Julian Scott
Eva-Marie Janelo

We will open with teachings within the field of face reading from her students, handing over wisdom and knowledge of her Chen family lineage.

I have known Lillian for over 20 years. We taught together, laughed a lot and shared our hearts. Lillian was always a close friend, inspiration and original – I miss her and I am glad we are doing this tribute to be reminded and share her special contribution to our community.

Dr. Yair Maimon PhD, OMD is an internationally renowned figure in the field of Integrative and Chinese Medicine with over 30 years of clinical, academic, and research experience in the United States, Europe, and Israel.

Dr Maimon is the president of the ETCMA-European TCM Association. Director of Marpe integrative medical center. He is Dean of TCM Academy of integrative medicine. Founder and former director of integrative oncology research center at Sheba medical center.

Transforming Trauma to Illuminate Your Destiny

All humans experience trauma during their lifetime. Through observation of facial markings and colors, the age and effect of the trauma becomes evident, and the interpretation of these signs allows one to understand the impact of trauma on the body, mind, and soul. The face also displays markings that indicate a person’s talents and abilities; their Ming (destiny). CT Holman shares how he utilizes Lillian Pearl Bridges’ powerful face reading lineage to clearly identify these indicators, guide a person through their trauma, and illuminate their destiny.

CT Holman is an international speaker who authored two textbooks, Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine and Shamanism in Chinese Medicine. With over 20 years practicing Chinese medicine, he operates a busy general family practice in Salem, Oregon. He trained and taught with Lillian Pearl Bridges for several years and currently maintains the position as the Director of Development for the Lotus Institute of Lillian Bridges. To learn more visit: www.redwoodspring.com.

Daoist Design using the Five Elements and Face Reading

Daoist Design (Feng Shui as taught by Lillian Bridges) is Daoist magic. Using the Five Elements and Face Reading I help clients balance deficient elements and maximize dominant elements to bring increased harmony and health to them in their homes and businesses.

I studied with Lillian Bridges starting in 1994 and have been certified in Face Reading and Feng Shui for over 25 years. In 2012 Lillian and I developed the curriculum for the Master Face Reading Certification Program and Daoist Design program.  I served as an instructor and the Executive Director of The Lotus Institute until 2022. I am a founding member of the Face Reading Institute and Eastern Arts (FRIEA).  Currently I am teaching classes about the Five Elements, The Golden Path with Deirdre Courtney, and Aesthetic Feng Shui with Harrington Essentials and FRIEA. In my work, teachings, and face readings, I inspire people to understand the story their face tells, recognize their talents and abilities, and encourage them to manifest those gifts. To learn more visit http://www.harringtonessentials.com Or https://www.facereading.institute/

Freeing blocked emotions for Rejuvenation, Yang Sheng and living your Ming 

The “Emotional Map” frees blocked emotions, encourages health and longevity (Yang Sheng) and guides you to your destiny(Ming).  The wrinkles on the face result from the way emotions are expressed and can give you clues to what holds you back from your Ming.  Yang Sheng is about understanding what we need to nourish and support ourselves to help release blocked emotions.

Deirdre Courtney lectures and teaches at conferences and schools around the world on her areas of expertise: Yang Sheng, Face Reading, Facial Diagnosis, Chinese Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. She has been an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Nutritional Counsellor and Chef, specialising in health foods for over 32years and teaches Golden Path Workshops with Kelly Harrington. She is the author of the book, Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way: Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice from Chinese Medicine , published by Singing Dragon in 2019.

She is a founding member of FRIEA – Face Reading Instutite and Eastern Arts. She trained and taught with Lillian Bridges starting in 1999 and was the Education Director for the Lotus Institute and the Master Face Reading Certification Program from 2013 to 2022. Deirdre received her Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from YoSan University in Los Angeles, is licensed by the NCCAOM and maintains a private practice in Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland. www.deirdrecourtney.com

Face Reading as a Coaching Tool

As an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, I use facial reading as a diagnostic tool in my daily clinical work. Beside that I also have a large client group that comes to me for coaching sessions without receiving the acupuncture treatment. This customer group often has a feeling of being lost in life. Either they feel that life is at a standstill or they are faced with difficult choices that they want support with, in order to be able to see the situation more clearly and overcome the struggles.

Eva-Marie Janelo has been working on health and rehabilitation since 1994. She is a practitioner of Chinese medicine, certified Master Face Reader and a laser acupuncture expert. Eva-Marie is living with her wife Ina and their cat Shinto in Stockholm, Sweden where she works at her private clinic Neosoma, treating both humans and animals.

When Eva-Marie met Lillian for the first time in 2006, she did not understand the impact their meeting would have on her continued life. The knowledge Lillian imparted affected her deeply and from that day on she began to look at herself with completely new eyes. Lillian showed her all the beauty within herself that she had not been able to see before. She also made her understand that there is a potential within all of us, which is just waiting to blossom when we are ready for it. Lillian showed her that no dreams are impossible for us to achieve. But it is up to us to decide whether we should dare to capture the opportunities that exist within us.

Face Reading in Art Galleries, and for early signs of Alzheimer’s

Face Reading in Art Galleries, and for early signs of Alzheimer’s With such a wealth of wisdom and practical advice from Lillian, it is hard to pick a small representative subject, a mere fragment of what she has given me. I have chosen two apparently unrelated subjects, but you will see how they are related.
The first is the joy of going round a gallery and reading the faces of people who lived 300, 600 or even 1000 years ago. As you look at these people, who seem almost to be living, you get a much richer idea of the life lived at that time.

The second subject is Alzheimer’s disease, which often starts at the age of 60. If a person cannot make use of this momentous transition, they risk blocking their Jing. If this blockage combines with a need to obliterate the memory of a traumatic event, then Jing does not reach the brain and there is a high risk of Alzheimer’s. Some of these portraits painted many hundreds of years ago clearly show early signs of Alzheimer’’s.

Julian Scott, Ph.D., Cert. Ac. (China) studied physics at Cambridge University. After working in industry, he pursued acupuncture studies at the International College of Oriental Medicine (England) from 1973-76, and then at the Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1982.

He has always had a special interest in optics, and in visual perception, which led naturally to an interest in eye diseases, and alternative ways of treating them. Julian also has a great interest in pediatrics and is the author of Natural Medicine for Children, and Natural Medicine for Women.

He is married to Teresa Barlow, with whom he has written Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children, and Herbs in the Treatment of Children.

He currently has a practice in Bath, England.

Face Reading a Gateway to the Soul for Healing

The ancient Daoist face reading is an alchemical tool for transformation and healing which can still be used in the modern days of today. Through the emotional map, reflected in the lines and wrinkles of your face, you will find the gateway that opens up into the level of the soul. Where that deep connection can take place which will lead to soul healing and an in deep transformation for your client. You will be guided by your intuition as a practitioner
working from a Shen to Shen connected. This profound heart connection between patient and practitioner inside a sacred space will make face reading a very powerful instrument for transformational healing, more than you could ever imagine. As then the Shen can come forward again to shine from within, lighting up both one’s destiny, life purpose and rightful potential when Soul healing taking place. It will be my greatest pleasure to share the beautiful teachings and wisdom that I have learned from dearest Lillian with you at this event of celebrating Lillian’s life and legacy.

Marian Nielsen Joos is a soul seer, modern shaman and face reader who started her path as a healer in year 2000 with her education to become a Chinese Medicine practitioner at the Academy of Healing Arts by Hamid Montakab. Already during her studies she became a student of Lillian Pearl Bridges and today she is a Master of Face Reading from the Lotus Institute with completing the advanced master program.

Being a student of Lillian’s has meant the world for Marian as here she got connected to the alchemy and Daoist roots of Chinese Medicine, the deep inner transformational healing. The Shen – Spirit Face Reading is the speciality of Marian’s due to looking and connecting deep within a human being all the way to the soul. In 2014 Marian entered into shamanism to get an even deeper understanding of working on the level of the soul. Today she is living her life calling as a Modern Shaman, Shamanic Healer, Soul Seer and Soul Face Reader. She works both at her home in the Swiss Alps and internationally with online sessions and online courses. She also offers workshops and in the near future retreat in the Swiss alps or by the sea sides in Denmark where she comes from. You can also book Marian as a speaker both online and offline.

She is original Danish, lives since over 20 years in the Swiss Alps with her Swiss husband, their 3 children and their dog Smilla Joy. Her vision is to support humanify heal through transforming darkness into love and light! She is currently working on her own biography and it will be published in 2023.

Lillian Bridges Online Tribute Day, September 11th 2022

My connection with Lillian was primarily through music. We organised concerts during Chinese medicine congresses in which we and others performed, showcasing the wealth of talent amongst the teachers and practitioners with minimal rehearsal and maximum enthusiasm. From Rothenburg in Germany to Slettestrand in Denmark, from London to Vancouver, we shared our passion for music. Blessed with her beautiful, clear voice and a natural performer’s charisma, Lillian sang jazz standards, Summertime, Over the Rainbow, All of Me, always lighting up the stage and touching hearts. For this event I will say a few words about this side of Lillian, show a video tribute and sing a song in her memory.

Peter Firebrace is an acupuncturist, lecturer and writer on Chinese medicine and philosophy. Past principal of the International College of Oriental Medicine, he is founder and director of Guan Academy, an online teaching institute that bridges the gap between scholar and practitioner, which will go live in 2023. A singer-songwriter, he has produced two albums of songs inspired by Chinese medicine, blending
teaching with entertainment in such titles as Ren and Du Run Run, Three Treasures Waltz, Body Map Rap and Chinese Medicine Blues. His albums and music videos can now be found in Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine, where they have created a Museum of the Transmission of Chinese Medicine to the West.

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