Treating Male Fertility Problems with Chinese Medicine

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What will you learn

  • Understand and interpret a semen analysis.
  • Make a correct CM diagnosis of male fertility issues.
  • Converse with confidant and knowledge about male fertility issues, both from western medicine point of view, as well as Chinese medicine.
  • Treat male fertility issues effectively using pattern based acupuncture & Chinese herbs, knowing how often to treat and what the treatment duration should be.
  • Give lifestyle and nutritional advice to optimize sperm quality.

Take Home Message

Always treat both partners when treating fertility patients, otherwise you´re missing half of the problem.

Course Overview

In our modern western world every 6th couple has troubles conceiving, all together about 50% of the cases are due to the male factor. We need to be aware of that fact and remember the importance of treating men as well, when it comes to fertility issues.

This course explains the decline of sperm quality and its causes, overviews male anatomy and sperm production to promote better understanding of what changes can be made using our TCM toolbox.

Taking this course you will learn how to interpret a semen analysis and what further tests can be done. The Chinese Medicine part covers pattern description of male infertility as well as fitting acupuncture protocols and formulas of Chinese herbs. After taking this course you´ll be able to start treating male fertility issues!

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Treating Male Fertility Problems with Chinese Medicine – Course Handout, 40 pages. Available only for participants of the course.
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