The Anatomical Identity of the Spleen in Chinese Medicine

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In modern Chinese, the spleen is designated by the character pi 脾. The accuracy of this translation is shrouded in controversy and some commentators have speculated that pi is, in fact, the pancreas, which is currently called yi 胰.
In this Talk Dr. Tom Fleischer, Ph.D., Dip.CM traces the original identities of the pi and yi in pre-modern China to determine the tissues they referred to. The Talk also addresses related issues such as the physical perception of the body versus that of the qi perception of the body and more.

This Talk has been produced from materials recorded at the ICCM Congress. The ICCM arranges a yearly outstanding international TCM gathering which is held in Tel Aviv during the Vernal Equinox, in March, every year.

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December 21, 2019

Very good point view and interesting information.
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