The 16 Xi-Cleft Points: Resolving Physical and Mental-Emotional Blockages

This course provides an in-depth description of xi-cleft points and their clinical usage demonstrated through case studies.

The 16 Xi-Clef Points: Resolving Physical and Mental-Emotional Blockages

20 Lessons
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Taking this course you will be able to

  • Strengthen your knowledge of the 12 xi-cleft points of the main/primary meridians
  • Strengthen your knowledge of the 4 xi-cleft points of the extraordinary vessels 
  • Improve your clinical treatment with xi-Cleft points for the treatment of physical and mental-emotional complaints
  • Review the Zhen Jiu Jia Yi Jing texts about the xi-cleft points
  • recognize what you can feel when palpating a xi-cleft point and understand/know to what pathology this may refer to
  • See the clinical use of Xi-Cleft points through case studies

Course Overview

This course provides an in-depth description of xi-cleft points and their clinical usage demonstrated through case studies. Taking this course, you will use these points immediately to increase treatment success and diagnostic skills. 

Xi-cleft points are applicable for acute and chronic physical complaints, including pain. Use these points when daily activities, such as grabbing something from the kitchen cupboard or walking down the stairs, are suddenly no longer taken for granted. 

Xi-cleft points are also practical for persistent emotional blockages. A deeper understanding of these points gives us an insight into the patient’s inner alchemy and opens another level for the clinical application of acupuncture. These points enhance health and personal growth.

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