Oncology Acupuncture – Final Assignment

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Dr. Maimon & OA Team

Oncology Acupuncture – Final Assignment

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Congratulations on reaching the final stage of the Oncology Acupuncture Program.
Before completing the program, we ask you to complete a final assignment, after which you will get your certificate.

The final assignment is a self-assessment assignment, and includes a case report and two brief overviews of related research of your choice. The exercise supports the embedding of knowledge, giving an additional review of the material and deepening your understanding. Although they remain ungraded in this program, answering them provides an opportunity to apply your knowledge — a crucial part of your training. 

Once you uploaded your final assignment, you find the certificate for the whole program at “My Academy” -> “My Certifications” -> “Oncology Acupuncture – Final Assignment”.

Once you’re finished, you can proudly present the badge, conveying the clear message that you have undertaken post graduate training in Oncology Acupuncture and that you are an international expert in this field of work. To use the badge, please refer to this page: https://mailchi.mp/tcm.ac/001 badge

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  • 2 Hours Course Duration
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    No points available for this course

    For further infomation see the course description

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