Introduction to Acupuncture Point Combination

Take an adventure with David Hartmann and his 25 years of experience using Acupuncture Point Combination.



Acupuncture Point Combinations:

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

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By the end of the course you will be more competent in:

  • Applying these acupuncture point combination concepts in Your clinical setting. 
  • How acupuncture point combinations work.
  • Appreciating an entirely new concept that is rarely taught adequately in Chinese medical institutions.
  • Readying yourself for more advanced point combination courses with TCM Academy in the future (Available now).

Course Overview

After graduating at the end of 1996, I used my spare time to go back through every single page of notes that I wrote during my Chinese medicine degree, as well as all my textbooks. These notes/textbooks were filled with nifty little point combinations that I moved across into a clinic folder that I took with me everywhere. With every patient that I saw I enhanced/tweaked/adjusted these point combinations until I had a more thorough selection of points that I could use for each of my patient’s ailments. 

As you can imagine, my folder ended up full of acupuncture point combinations, so my solution was to alphabetize these combinations on my computer. During this time, I started working at a college in Brisbane and the students suggested that I make it into a textbook. And so, the ‘Acupoint Dictionary’ was born, first as a self-published text, before the publishing company Elsevier Churchill Livingstone took it international in 2009.

Almost from the first day the Acupoint Dictionary was published, the most common question I was asked was how I constructed the sacred acupuncture point combinations contained within? This led me down a path I was not expecting, and I started to write a second book; designed to teach the reader how to analyse, and enhance their own acupuncture point combinations in the same way I had all those years ago. This was recently picked up by the publishing company Singing Dragon and they released it internationally in August 2019. This resulted in a second commonly asked question – why do I use that number of needles in the acupuncture point combination? 

This course will answer those questions and more about a range of different aspects of acupuncture point combinations.

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A concise, interesting and absorbing mirror

Rated 4 out of 5
January 6, 2022

A concise, interesting and absorbing mirror for any colleague to reflect on the infinite possibilities of TCM.

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