Electro Acupuncture Theoretical Training

14 Lessons 
1:00 hour 
On-Demand Video
8 Interactive
Certificate on Completion

What you will learn

  • Gain a better understanding of pain and Neurobiology of pain.
  • Build your theoretical understanding of electro acupuncture.
  • Promote the circulation of Qi in your patients.
  • Stimulate the body’s own healing processes.
  • Treat acute and chronic pain conditions, muscular tension pain, injuries and traumas.

Course Overview

This course consists of two theoretical parts which together form an introduction to electroacupuncture as a treatment of pain. It is advised to follow with the practical “one day” workshop about electroacupuncture. 

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Group 1 | 2 hours

This course has been film together with ICZO, Belgium. For details about practical, hands-on course, completing this one, contact school directly.

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The Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

An Integrative Seminar on
Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases | Inflammatory Bowel Diseases | Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

9 Lessons 
2:40 hours 
On-Demand Video
8 Interactive
Certificate On Completion

Taking this course you will be able to

  • Treat autoimmune disease using acupuncture protocols including Meridian points, Eight Extra Vessel and Channel Divergent approaches.
  • Prescribe herbal formulas based on both empirically-based symptoms and formulas commonly used in the Japanese Kampo tradition. 
  • Get dietary recommendations and nutritional supplementation.
  • Apply the Eight Extraordinary vessels for diagnosis and of regulation of sleep.
  • Diagnose and treat Insomnia.
  • Identify insomnia & sleep disturbances patterns in Chinese medicine.

Course Overview

Decorated with anecdotes from Chinese Medicine’s history and almost 50 years of experience practicing Chinese Medicine this course covers the whole range of Insomnia.

In our modern world sleep disturbance has become an ever-increasing complaint, affecting almost 40% of the population and disturbingly a large proportion of children.

Sleep is the most representative of the body’s circadian rhythms, it becomes an excellent indicator of the inner equilibrium of yin and yang and the five substances. The Eight Extraordinary vessels, acting as inner regulators, maintain the inner balance and the adaptation to external changes.

Therefore, a detailed assessment of sleep patterns and dreams, can supply an accurate evaluation of a person’s overall psycho-energetic state.

This course is approved by:

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3.5 CEUs/PDAs

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About Instructor

Danny Van Laethem

Head of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ICZO – Antwerpen, Belgium. Danny is Physiotherapist and started to study acupuncture in 1983. After many clinical training in China, Japan, he started to teach acupuncture and Tuina on the Belgian college for TCM, Antwerp, Belgium (1991 – 2009). Between 2009 and 2014 he teaches acupuncture at the Thomas More College, KUL University, Belgium. From now, he teaches acupuncture at the Howest, University College West Flanders. He teaches also many CPD course for the Institute for Complementary Heath Care Training (ICZO) (www.iczo.be). Danny is the secretary general of ICZO, the biggest school in Belgium, with more than 50 teachers in general: 25 teachers for traditional Chinese medicine.

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