Correlating Moxa Points with Moxibustion Skills

In this course, Felip Caudet, shows you how to optimize your practice by using a variety of Japanese moxibustion techniques.

Optimize your Practice – Correlating Moxa Points with Moxibustion Skills

1:30 Hours On-Demand

3 Interactive Quizzes

Certificate on Completion

Taking this course you will be able to

  • Apply different moxibustion techniques in correlation with specific points 
  • Understand what a moxibustion point is
  • Assess your findings in palpation and choose the appropriate technique
  • Locate points to release fascia tissue

Course Overview

In this course, Felip Caudet, shows you how to optimize your practice by using a variety of Japanese moxibustion techniques. Based on palpation, moxibustion is applied on specific points to release fascial tissues, balance channels and solve symptoms. Different moxibustion techniques can be used together to get these amazing effects. Moxibustion can be applied either as a single therapy or in combination with your other treatment modalities.

This course has been produced from materials recorded at the ICCM Congress. The ICCM arranges a yearly outstanding international TCM gathering which is held in Tel-Aviv during Vernal Equinox, in March, Every Year.

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About Instructor

Felip Caudet

Felip Caudet has been in practice as a physiotherapist and acupuncturist since 1999, and specializes in Japanese moxibustion. He studied with Tetsuya Fukushima and Hideo Shinma (son of Master Fukaya). Currently, he is recognized as the fourth in the lineage of Fukaya Style of Moxibustion due to his developments and contributions to the style. He combines his clinical activity in Spain with teaching around the world. He has published several books on moxibustion and articles in international journals such as the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine, Acu, or Osaka Shinkyu Journal.

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