From the Books to the Clinic: Ancient Wisdom in Practice

In this symposium, we had a fantastic line-up of professionals covering a wide range of topics, all related to the treatment and practice of patients on their cancer journey. We are sure you will find it inspiring and practical for your daily life as a therapist.

From the Books to the Clinic: Ancient Wisdom in Practice

International Symposium 2023

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In this symposium, we had a fantastic line-up of professionals covering a wide range of topics, all related to the treatment and practice of patients on their cancer journey. We are sure you will find it inspiring and practical for your daily life as a therapist.

The Speakers & The Lectures

This excellent line-up of speakers is made of clinicians who see the benefit of classics in their daily work.

Dr Yair Maimon: Opening Words

I consider myself lucky to meet at an early stage of my career prominent figures such as Father Larre, Prof. Unschuld and Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée. Their teachings influenced the way I practice Chinese Medicine.

I am certain this event will inspire you to recognize the value of the classics.

Dr Yair Maimon, PhD, OMD, is an internationally renowned figure in Integrative and Chinese Medicine with over 30 years of clinical, academic, and research experience in the United States, Europe, and Israel.

Dr Maimon is the president of the ETCMA-European TCM Association. Director of Marpe integrative medical center. He is the Dean of TCM Academy of integrative medicine. Founder and former director of the integrative oncology research center at Sheba medical center.

Z’ev Rosenberg: Ministerial Fire and Ecological Medicine

Z’ev Rosenberg, a renowned expert in Chinese medicine, will explore the concepts of Ming Men/ministerial fire in Chinese medicine and its significance in the clinical treatment of chronic disorders.

In Chinese medical physiology, ming men refers to the gate of vitality, the source of the body’s primordial qi or life force, while ministerial fire refers to the body’s essential heat that is responsible for maintaining physiological functions, metabolism and immunity.

Z’ev Rosenberg will delve into the ecological and philosophical implications of these concepts, drawing on the teachings of Li Shih-zhen, a celebrated physician and herbalist from the Ming dynasty. According to Li, the ministerial fire in humans is a reflection of the ministerial fire on heaven and earth. This has tremendous implications for the cultivation and protection of human health alongside that of plant, animal and mineral kingdoms on earth.
By examining these concepts and their implications, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of Chinese medical physiology and channel theory. This knowledge can be applied in the clinical treatment of chronic autoimmune disorders, as well as contribute to broader discussions on the relationship between human physiology and the environment.

Z’ev Rosenberg, L. Ac., is recognized as one of the first generation of practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine in America. Before opening his practice in acupuncture and herbal medicine in 1983, he was a shiatsu therapist and macrobiotic counselor from 1975 in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico, after several years in the early days of the natural foods movement.
He was one of the initiators of an acupuncture licensing law in Colorado, spearheading a drive as President of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado from 1984 to 1988. As well as being a professor/chair emeritus at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where he taught for twenty- three years, he has lectured widely around the United States, and has written many articles published in all of the professional English-language journals of the Chinese/East Asian Medical profession. Presently, he is director of the Alembics Institute, an educational institution based in San Diego, and an advisory board member (Krupp Endowment Committee) at the University of California San Diego Integrative Health Center. He is also a professor at the Academy of Chinese Health Sciences in Oakland, Ca., in their doctorate program, as well as at Five Branches Institute, San Jose, Ca.and Yosan University in Marina del Rey, Ca.

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée: Understanding Pulses from the Classics

This short lecture is a kind of introduction to the presentation on the pulses by my dear friend Deborah Woolf.
It starts with elucidating the real meaning of the character mai (脈 or 脉), usually translated either by « pulse » or by « vessel » (according to the context) ? Some excerpts from classical texts give us interesting clues. Then it considers the seasonal and cyclic variations of the pulses in an healthy person and their importance in diagnosis and treatment management. The presentation of the Spring Pulse, in the Suwen ch.19, will be used as an illustration of both healthy and pathological seasonal pulses.

Senior Sinologist Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée holds a Licence and Master’s degree in Classical Literature (Paris-Nanterre), Licence and Master’s degree in Philosophy (Paris-Nanterre) and D.E.A. in Chinese (Paris-Jussieu).

She has been studying Chinese and collaborating with Fr Claude Larre and Dr Jean Schatz since the ’70. Elisabeth has published numerous translations, books, booklets, transcripts of lectures, and articles. She is currently Dean of Study in the European School of Acupuncture (Ecole Européenne d’Acupuncture, Paris) and a senior Lecturer of the E.E.A. (École Européenne d’Acupuncture). She also lectures on Chinese Philosophy at the Jesuit University in Paris (Centre Sèvres).

She says, “What fascinates me is discovering the soul of the human being, what makes us human, and how this research has been conducted and expressed in different languages, in different centuries, in countries far from each other. I had the exceptional opportunity to meet China with Father Cl. Larre and Chinese medicine with Dr Jean Schatz. I was able to explore and cultivate this field in several of its dimensions, from learning the technical gesture to penetrating what makes the meaning of life for the Chinese of two millennia ago. Sharing this encounter is what makes my joy.”

Deborah Woolf: The Importance of Seasons in Diagnosis through Pulse & Complexion

Pulse taking & body diagnosis are two very important tools for diagnosis; but both can be challenging so some even give up on anything more than an overall basic pulse reading or feel totally overwhelmed by the complexity of specific pulse systems. What we often do not realise is that diagnosis of both pulse and complexion is based on an understanding of the seasons.

So it is great to discover that the canon of Chinese Medicine, the HDNJ, discusses pulse qualities and gives very clear guidance on the importance of combining pulse qualities with complexion for accurate diagnosis within the context of seasons. Using the seasons in diagnosis is a very useful and under-appreciated area of the Huangdi Neijing, as it means we can make an accurate diagnosis from basic pulse qualities alongside visual clues from the patient’s complexion.

This presentation draws on texts from the HDNJ to demonstrate how you can develop confidence in honing and integrating these diagnostic skills into everyday practice.

Deborah Woolf, LicAc, MBAcC, MA is a passionate practitioner and teacher with over 20 years of experience. She is particularly interested in Chinese philosophy and metaphysics and weaves a path through ancient and medieval calendrics, astrology, astronomy, medicine and more.
She teaches & treats and lectures (in person) in Europe and the rest of the world through the internet.”

Dr. Edward Neal: Why Study the Classics: Relevance of Early Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century

This lecture delves into the profound significance of the Huangdi Neijing and the enduring relevance of classical texts in contemporary medical practice.

Participants will acquire valuable insights into the historical background and development of this influential text, gaining a deeper understanding of its profound impact on the evolution of medical practices.

Additionally, attendees will be introduced to Neijing Nature-Based Medicine, an innovative approach to clinical practice that breaks new ground. This approach is built upon two decades of research into classical texts, effectively retelling the narrative of Chinese medicine from its foundational writings, principles, and practices.

Dr. Edward Neal, MD trained in both Western and Chinese medicine, Dr. Neal has been in clinical practice for over 30 years. He is the founder of the School of Neijing Nature-Based Medicine and the creator of the research methodology of Classical Text Archaeology (CTA). In this role, he has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization and has been a visiting scholar in East Asian Medicine at the University of California San Diego Medical School. He serves as the medical director for the Apricot Grove Project and director of the Xinglin Institute nonprofit. These organizations study traditional forms of medical knowledge to identify innovative solutions to current global challenges. For more information about these projects and training opportunities in Neijing Nature-Based Medicine, please visit

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