5 Element Acupuncture 2024 Live Day 2: Introduction II

5 Element Acupuncture 2024 Live Day 2: Introduction II – 5 Elements Resounances & the Importance of Spirit and Emotions

The recording of the 5 Element Acupuncture: 2nd Day. The class will be on March 3rd 2024. The recording will be available within 48 hours. Handouts will be available about 48 hours before the class.

Day 2 – 3 Hours

In this second LIVE meeting Danny Blythe and Peter Mole will share their insights into resonances and associations of the Five Elements and how these relations form the Five Elements way of thinking.

Furthermore, the role of the spirit in disease and therefore also in Five Elements Acupuncture treatments will be explored.

Learning Outcomes Day 2

  • Associate sounds and odours with certain elements
  • Understand the principle of resonances
  • Gain insights into Five Elements thinking about the spirit

About the Teacher

Peter Mole & Danny Blyth

Peter Mole studied Modern History at Oxford University and started training to be an acupuncture practitioner in 1976. He studied and worked with JR Worsley until 1992, receiving his Master of Acupuncture qualification from him in 1984. Peter studied TCM in the 1980s. He has been teaching acupuncture since 1983, first in Leamington Spa at the College of Traditional Acupuncture and since 1993 at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, where until 2003 he was the Dean. Danny Blyth studied at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM, 1995-8) which specialises in integrating five-element acupuncture with TCM, and has practiced full time in Cheltenham, UK, since 2000. Five Element Acupuncture is at the heart of his practice, supplemented with ongoing study of the ‘five element skills’ techniques of John Hicks, and clinical training from Mike Eatough, a five element practitioner. This is integrated, when needed, with TCM skills developed through clinical training with Ken Lloyd (1998-2005) and the Guangdong Second Provincial Chinese Medicine Hospital (2013), and trigger/motor point acupuncture. He has post-graduate diplomas in Chinese herbal medicine (1996-8), Chinese/Mandarin (1998-99), Academic Practice (PGCAP 2006-08), a certificate in Paediatric Acupuncture from Julian Scott (2004-06) and a diploma in Classical Medical Chinese with Aowen Chinese Medicine (2017-18). He continues his studies translating classical Chinese medical and philosophical texts with Nicolaas Herman Oving. He has taught acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition at CICM since 2001, and alongside his five element and TCM teaching is currently running a yangsheng and nutrition diploma.

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