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Exploring Chinese Cosmology At the Wood Dragon Year

10th of February

With Patricia Bock

Diagnosis is Treatment? The Healing Power of 5-Element Acupuncture

11th of February

With P. Mole, D. Blyth & Y. Maimon 

The Professor Hour, with Dr Nienke Stoop, MD 


 14th of February

With Nienke Stoop, MD, MAc

First Day of
Paediatric Acupuncture Program


24th of February

With Rebecca Avern

First Day of
5-Element Acupuncture Program


2nd of March

With Peter Mole & Danny Blyth

First Day of
Oncology Acupuncture Program


2nd of March

With Yair Maimon, Julia Hartung MD & the TCM Academy Team

The Professor Hour, with Z’ev Rosenberg



 20th of March

With Z’ev Rosenberg

Between Acupuncture & Osteopathy
A Discussion of Clinicians


24th of March

With Umberto Mazzanti MD & Yair Maimon PhD

Hypothyroidism & Infertility: The Mystery of Ren Mai

13th of April

With Miriam Raich & Anat Tzachar


Your New Tool in Trauma Therapy: Anpuku, Japanese Abdominal Bodywork


 14th of April

With Iris Abarbanel


Spring into Balance: A 30-Day Wood Element Exploration

Daily Insights into the Energetics of Spring – Transform Your Practice with the Wisdom of Wood