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Our commitment is to enable practitioners access to deep teachings and understandings of integrative medicine and the healing practice with the aim of benefiting all humanity.

TCM Academy gathers the finest teachers with dozens of exclusive courses to provide an opportunity for practitioners to learn online  at their own pace without the need to travel or miss working days. Our eLearning platform works according to the most current principles of this highly effective pedagogical method. All  for an affordable price.

How does it work

By becoming an affiliate you can start referring students and receive remuneration for each student who signs up for course work. As long as they keep buying – you keep  earning. With TCM Academy you can be sure when you refer your customers and colleagues they engage with the highest standards of e-learning.

  • Earn commissions on purchases from visitors sent from your site/blog to ours for up to 60 days from their last click- through.
  • Free affiliate program – no fees to enroll.
  • Hands-free fulfillment – we handle all the orders and customers service directly.
  • Competitive commission rates starting at 10%.
  • Monthly payment of your commission.

To learn more about our affiliation program please contact us at [email protected]

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