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“We don’t work alone”

(Kawai Kan-Jiro)

TCM Academy  is an online educational platform utilizing the highest standards the web has to offer. We plan, produce and publish courses that look and feel like an online course should in the 21st century….and we are constantly looking to extend our course library.

If you are a seasoned Integrative, Oriental or Western medical practitioner with experience in teaching or lecturing we are here to support you. If you are looking to enlarge your audience and create new revenue streams, our unique platform and partnerships encourage success in both worlds, educational and financial.

By joining TCM Academy you partner with  a credible professional team that studies, writes, produces educational experiences. We connect the dots in the integrative medicine world, towards an ever improving integration within the worlds of Eastern and Western Medical practices.


How Does It Work

  • We start with professional, well known and credited medical practitioners, teachers and/or lecturers.
  • All materials used in your courses must belong to you or be licensed by you in a manner that allows you to publish them on our platform.
  • Courses produced on our platform are based on a well-proven process developed by us. Our team will work with you and help to ensure your courses are produced utilizing these high standards.
  • Once your courses are published on the TCM Academy site, users will be able to purchase your courses.
  • TCM Academy will share with you revenue that’s produced from the sale of courses and will initiate monthly payment based on the purchases from the previous month.

Join us today to share your knowledge and insights with the community of TCM Academy.

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