About TCM Academy

The TCM Academy of Integrative Medicine (TCMA-IM) is the leading platform for continuing education in the field of Chinese Medicine. TCMA-IM is an innovative initiative, comprised of cutting-edge courses from the world’s leading teachers in the field of TCM and conventional medicine, providing an in-depth understanding of medicine and healing.

Our aim is to inspire our students, improve their professional confidence through increased knowledge, and to encourage them to participate in clinical research for the  benefit of their patients and others.

The TCM Academy of Integrative Medicine was established by Dr. Yair Maimon, a leading international figure in the field of TCM research and education, with the help of a team of multidisciplinary TCM and conventional medical professionals. At TCMA-IM we provide a platform for education through online modalities (e-Learning), primarily lectures by leading figures from both TCM and conventional medicine.

We at TCMA-IM are a team of multidisciplinary professionals, united by our passion to learn and to share our knowledge and experience with  others.


Our ever expanding network of academic partners is what sets TCM Academy apart. We are pioneers of combined online-offline education is TCM Oncology.