The TCM Academy is the leading Chinese Medicine continuing education provider, inspiring worldwide practitioners in their lifelong learning process by providing the best education in this field. We support professional growth and confidence, helping you to develop from the comfort of your home or office.


Build by TCM practitioners who love to learn. As clinicians, we believe in learning and are also lovers of knowledge and sharing it with our peers. We bring this passion to the TCM Academy of Integrative Medicine (TCMA), and we enjoy being a part of a community of people whose goal is to support healing and alleviate suffering.


We are bringing the voices of community leaders, experienced practitioners and seasoned speakers, yet we proud ourselves of our continuing search and support for novice teachers. 


TCMA is an innovative initiative in the centre of the vibrating world of education. It comprises in-depth programs and advanced courses from the world’s leading teachers in TCM and conventional Medicine, providing an in-depth understanding of Medicine and healing. Our focus is not only on the best content but also on providing a great user experience that supports knowledge embedding.


We believe in Medicine and science. We believe in merging old and new. TCMA hosts courses by the world’s leading sinologists and practical approaches with clinical protocols from seasoned clinicians from the many Chinese medicine branches. Not only are we all part of the modern systems, one of our goals is to see Chinese medicine as an integral part of the western health system. Thus, you will see many courses by medical doctors; most of them are full-time acupuncturists and herbalists. Bridging eras, disciplines, and the global TCM Community will benefit everyone. 

We are proud to be the home to the teaching legacy of past and present teachers. Join us, and bring your dream to the TCM Academy and the global community.


Who Are We

Yair Maimon, Founder, Dean

TCMA is the brainchild of Yair Maimon (O.M.D PhD Lic. Ac). After many years of international clinic work, lecturing and groundbreaking oncology research, he realised the time had come to gather the best teachers in the world to connect east and west into a practice that benefits humankind. 


Dr Maimon is a clinician and teacher with over 30 years of experience treating and teaching Shen and oncology to both novice and seasoned practitioners. While giving lectures worldwide, he continues to be a keen student of the old texts and new science. 


He is the president of the ETCMA, the former Head of Tal centre” – Integrative Cancer Research Center, Institute of Oncology – Sheba Academic Hospital and Director of Integrative medical unit at Souraski – Tel Aviv municipality Hospital.

Guy Traiber, Manager, Co-founder

As the manager of TCM Academy, I love that my work demands keep me in daily contact with many people worldwide.


I am a TCM, Shiatsu & Kiiko Style acupuncture practitioner with a BA in Sociology, Politics and international relations. I love learning and enjoy learning at my own pace (hence, a degree through the Open University). I am passionate about humans and humanity and seeing more of the diversity and wonders the world offers.


I consider myself lucky. After decades of exploring the world through travelling and studies, a considerable part of my work includes communication with the world and the different people living it.



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