TCM Academy Autumn 2023 Calendar

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TCM Academy Autumn 2023 Calendar
Don’t miss any teaching!

By TCM Academy Team

Not to be the party pooper, but the summer is almost gone. But to make life sweeter, we have prepared for you an amazing autumn calendar; full of fantastic teachers and great teachings. Both Free & Paid.

Below you will find all the information you need, including registration links. 

And to make your life easier – you can now join the TCM Academy Live Events Calendar and never miss a thing.  (The calendar includes links to registration and reminders – so you will be safe, also in case of a last-minute event)

So, let’s discover what is coming…

September 2023

On the 3rd of September, we will meet for this exciting symposium with a great line-up including Dr Ed Neal, Deborah Woolf & Z’ev Rosenberg. Dr Yair Maimon will be hosting the event, and Ms Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée will give a key-note lecture. 

We also have a great CEUs package for you

Our Points Club, led by Dr Yair Maimon, is opening on September 5th.


Once a month, we will meet live with Dr Yair Maimon to focus on one point. In this series, we will cover Ht-7, Pc-9, Ren-22, Kid-24 & St-45. You can attend any of the webinars you like separately, or Join the Club and access all the points + benefits for those who want to go deeper.  

Save 25% with the early bird’s price until 20th of August 2023.

We have the utmost pleasure of hosting Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée, for a live free webinar on the 13th of September

Elisabeth will be Unlocking the Essence of the Acupuncture Points Ren3 to Ren6.

Hold yourself!

On September 19th, we will be Embracing Simplicity: Simple Answers to Difficult Questions in Chinese Medicine.

Dr Bartosz Chmielnicki will answer some questions that have always puzzled you.

Tian Gui: Woman’s Inner Wisdom Through the Cycles of Life

Our last event for September, Anat Tzachar & Miriam Raich will go even further interpreting the concept of Tian Gui, and we will talk about the ways the Natural Order manifests through the different phases of the woman’s life.  

26th of September

October 2023

We open October with the 2nd point of The Point Club. On October 3rd, Dr Maimon will elaborate on PC-9: Wood on Fire.


PC-9 is a Jing-well point that affects the TMM and is also the Wood point of a Fire channel, making it a tonification point.


After the successful event of last year, we are extremely delighted to hold The 2nd International Oncology Acupuncture Symposium, with the theme Survivorship. 


On October 7th, you will be joined by a fantastic line-up, including: Dr. Santhosshi Narayanan, Dr. Yair Maimon PhD, Beverley de Valois PhD LicAc, Dr. Iman Majd, Dr. Noah Samuels & Dr. Weidong Lu. 

On October 17th, The wonderful Dr Bartosz Chmielnicki return with the 2nd episode of Embracing Simplicity: Simple Answers to Difficult Questions in Chinese Medicine.

This time he will answer questions you have submitted.

The Beginnings of Life: Energetics of Pregnancy and Embryological Development

On the 21st of October, Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée will take us on a marvellous journey to look at the dynamic proper to each of the 10 months of pregnancy as they are presented in the traditional Chinese texts. 

Save 35% with the early bird’s price until October 1st.

The autumn cohort of the International Oncology Acupuncture Program begins on the 28th of October


Join over 600 graduates in the most comprehensive program of its kind, and get the tools, competence and confidence to treat people on their cancer journey. 

Save 25% with the early bird’s price until September 1st.


We start November with a live free webinar by Dr Franco Cracolici, the Director of the Florence School of Traditional Acupuncture & a Vice President WFAS (World Federation of Acupuncture Societies).

On the 4th of November he will be sharing Theoretical, Rationale and Practical Experiences about Fatigue and other side effects from chemo and radiotherapy, and how they are treated with a combination of traditional acupuncture and microsystems.

On the 8th of November, Dr. Hui Zhang, will give us a 1.5-Hours Introduction to Extraordinary Acupoints (including TEA, MTA, PHA).


They include Master Tung’s Acupuncture Points (MTA) and Pingheng Acupuncture Points (PHA).

The Points Club continues on the 14th of November with REN-22 – Rushing towards Heaven.


Known for its effect on descending Qi, especially of the Lung and the Stomach, and therefore often used in diseases like asthma or reflux, this point is also one of the Windows of Heaven points. In this webinar, you will learn more about the indications and practical, clinical applications in case studies. 

On November 21st, we are meeting Dr Bartosz Chmielnicki for the 3rd episode of Embracing Simplicity: Simple Answers to Difficult Questions in Chinese Medicine.


Don’t forget to submit your questions on time!

December 2023

We start off this festive month with a live training with CT Holman. 

On December, the 2nd, CT Holman will be Utilizing Chinese Medicine to Treat Intergenerational Trauma. He will demonstrate specific acupuncture point combinations and needle techniques

Save 25% with the early bird’s price until November 1st.

The Points Club returns with the 4th point (and last for 2023), KID-24: Emptiness of the Ling.


On the 5th of December, Dr Yair Maimon will discuss this, not so commonly applied, yet very interesting and effective point. The case studies presented in this webinar will give you a more profound insight in how to use this point successfully in your daily clinical practice.

On the 7th of December we are happy to host again Dr. Hui Zhang for a free live webinar on the Top 4 Point Combinations of Jin’s Three Needles Therapy.

Jin’s Three Needles (J3N) is a set of 39 very effective acupuncture point combinations compiled by Prof. Jin Rui (靳瑞1932-2010), from Guangzhou TCM University.

Expect surprises and lookout for the 2024 calendar to come!

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