Your Voice is Important, International Women’s Day 2021

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“Standing in the darkness, standing in the light”

The TCM Academy and I wish to offer a space to nurture emerging women teachers: a friendly and supportive environment where you can bring your talents and knowledge, your hopes and your worries and your own voice as you embark on a journey of learning and self development.

If this idea resonates with you I invite you to read on…

Early on in our career as practitioners we learn that we are our business. We embarked on our path as healers with the wish to heal and support our communities and we are surprised to discover that we have to market and promote ourselves in order to succeed!

For this year’s International Women’s Day I wanted to offer a special discount on all women led courses run by the TCM Academy. But then I thought – how does this actually support women? Is it empowering women in our community? Can we do more?

I know the numbers but I went to check our website. In spite of an awful lot of effort on our part we currently have 50% more male than women teachers on our website (and I am aware we currently underrepresent other minorities too).

I discussed this with a few female colleagues of mine, women I value and trust, and a few themes have emerged: worry and fear –  not only about failing but also about achieving success. Other themes focused around the process of creating a course, talking to camera or in front of an audience, standing in the darkness, standing in the light and – a lack of supportive spaces.

So, for this year’s International Women’s Day I invite you to reply to this email with some information about yourself, your vision and your experience, with the aim of creating a supportive and safe space for you to work together as a group – and to help you to realize and develop your voice and to share this with the TCM community. 

As a starting point we would like to invite 3-5 women to start the process of planting this garden together. 

If teaching isn’t your thing and you would prefer to learn from the incredible lineup of women teachers already featured on TCM Academy, here is a 25% coupon for you which is eligible for you to use on all pre-recorded courses.

Use the code: WOMENDAY25 on all women-led courses until the end of the week. 

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