Oncology Acupuncture: Gold Standard Training

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Oncology Acupuncture: Gold Standard Training

“ The best course I have taken that captures the essence” of classical Chinese approach with the reality and the construct of western medicine. It was really fantastic.   
Dr. Amy Littlefield ND, FABNO, LAc, MSOM

We are justifiably proud of our Oncology Acupuncture program and wanted to share with you information about this unique and cutting edge course. We hope that you will join us in our vital work to help cancer patients live better lives.

One of the original reasons for the creation of the TCM Academy was the wish to connect the world of TCM. Not only do we work alone with our patients, it seems Chinese medicine is practiced differently everywhere we go.

Variety and versatility insure the progress of science and of our craft and it allows each of us to express her or his unique talents and inclination in the same way we look for our patients and clients as unique beings.

At the same time, the modern world is where we are living, where almost everything is going into standardization. It is often hard to communicate the potential and benefits of our medicine to outsiders and especially to medical providers and policy makers. 

In order to support practitioners in entering and influencing the western medicine world a golden standard is needed. A way to know what basic skills a practitioner has. With teachers and students from 5 continents, and backed with the growing evidence of the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine – the Oncology Acupuncture Program is just that – Golden Standard. 

Research demonstrates that acupuncture is safe and effective in helping cancer patients. This Gold Standard program is taught by internationally renowned leaders in the field of oncology and integrated medicine. Being part of the program will:

  • Enable you to understand the incredible scope of oncology acupuncture – and to treat safely and with confidence.
  • Enhance your ability to communicate the research-backed benefits of acupuncture with your Western oncology medical peers.
  • Understand Western oncology treatments and the important role that acupuncture has to play along it. 
  • Connect you to a group of over 400 oncology acupuncture graduates from all over the world.
  • Become part of a growing community of oncology acupuncturists who are making waves in this exciting field. 

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