TCM Talks Live from the Rothenburg Congress

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Update: All these lectures are now available for free on TCM Academy.

Join us on May 30th, 2019 for some live talks given by some of the greatest minds in Chinese medicine. Discussing everything from the essence of Chinese medicine, Sex, and the personalization of TCM, you surely don’t want to miss this!

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The talks will be aired on Facebook Live on May 30th by the following schedule (lecture details are below):

Chinese Medicine & Sex
Dr. Olivia Krammer-Pojer (AU)
11:00 AM (GMT+2) 05:00 AM (EDT)

Connecting with tōng, a fundamental concept in TCM
Dan Bensky (US)
11:20 AM (GMT+2) 05:20 AM (EDT)
The Essence of Chinese Medicine: The Concept of the Center
Prof. Heiner Frühauf (US)
11:40 AM (GMT+2) 05:40 AM (EDT)
Personalized Medicine: Magic or Logic?
Dr. Yair Maimon (IL)
12:20 AM (GMT+2) 06:20 AM (EDT)
Treat the Patient not the Symptoms
Prof. Steven Birch (NL)
01:00 PM (GMT+2) 07:00 AM (EDT)
Integrating Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, and Phytopharmacology: A New System
Jeremy Ross (UK)
01:20 PM (GMT+2) 07:20 AM (EDT)
The Opioid Crisis
Prof. Gustav Dobos (D)
02:20 PM (GMT+2) 08:20 AM (EDT)

Sex & Chinese Medicine ,Dr. Olivia Krammer-Pojer 

Sex plays an important role in our lives, which can be both positive and negative. Either way, it certainly affects our mental and physical health. If we have trouble with our sexuality, it will have an impact on our relationships. Problems with our relationships are those that can really harm us. Our society has forgotten about the importance of a healthy sex life supporting a healthy relationship and thus keeping us healthy overall. The ancient Chinese had fabulous strategies for how women and men can achieve satisfaction, health and longevity. This talk will give a glimpse of what can be transferred from the wisdom of sex in ancient China into our society and lives nowadays. Let’s talk about sex…

Connecting with tōng, a fundamental concept in TCM , Dan Bensky

The word tōng, which is usually translated as “open” or “penetrate through”, is a fundamental concept in Chinese medicine. In this talk, Dan will introduce some of the ways that a proper understanding of this term can help the understanding and practice of East Asian medicine.

The Source of All Healing: Chinese Medicine and the Center,Prof. Heiner Fruehauf

The complex system of Chinese Medicine evolved more than two millennia ago as a microcosmic reflection of principles that had long been discussed in the domains of Chinese philosophy and cosmology. Within this theoretical foundation of Chinese culture, perhaps nothing is more essential than the concept of the center. All of the Chinese medicine classics, therefore, underscore the stimulation of an adaptogenic force in the body’s center as the most important purpose of all medical endeavors. The reality of modern educational demands and treatment protocols, however, all too often causes us to forget what we are trying to do as holistic practitioners. In this highly visual presentation, Prof. Fruehauf not only retraces the concept of the center in Chinese medicine, but outlines concrete clinical methods and lineages that focus on revitalizing the body’s central healing power.

Personalized Chinese Medicine: Logic or Magic?, Dr. Yair Maimon

Chinese medicine is based on the principle that each person is unique. Therefore, the heart of medical practice is personalized medicine. Imagine that there could be a scientific test which can help you the decision making when choosing the best treatment for an individual patient.

In this lecture Dr. Yair Maimon present the use of an innovative individualized, sensitivity laboratory testing which was employed to determine the best TCM formula for a cancer patient.

Several formulas were tested on the patient’s cancer cells obtained from the operation room and immune cells isolated from a blood sample, the results presenting a surprising evidence of killing cancer cells and tonifying immunity of this patient. This presents a new paradigm and opportunity for clinical decision-making, new drug discovery.

Bridging science with healing and proving the value of seeing each patient as unique

Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, and Phytopharmacology
A New System of Diagnosis and Treatment,Jeremy Ross

“I’m getting close to realizing a dream that started for me 45 years ago, when I first started studying herbal medicine in 1974. It began with showing what makes each herb special, and different from others in the same group. Then I integrated Chinese medicine, describing each Western herb in terms of Chinese organ syndrome that it can treat.

“But I wanted to create a visual system of Herb Diagrams to give a vivid visual impression of what makes each herb unique. To do this, I created the  system of 4 Imbalances and 5 Organs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is true.

“Then, I integrated phytopharmacology with Western herb tradition and Chinese medicine, so that I could describe the differences between herbs in terms of the differences between their chemical constituents. From there I started designing Research-based Herb Combinations, for modern diseases.”

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