Ki-1 Yongquan

Kidney 1 – Yongquan (Gushing Spring)

Ki-1 Yongquan is the first point on the kidney meridian, but what does that mean?  It is also the source of the Chong Mai, and a wood point, but what does that mean in clinical practice and in terms of the effects of the point? 

We know that the kidneys are the root of the body, and their element is water, but how does that interplay with them also being the source of original fire?

Ki-1 nourishes both the yin and yang of the body, as well as the Chong.  

It is a point that connects us to a hidden part of our consciousness and has a way of connecting us to our authentic self.  For that reason, K-1 is a point that should be treated with respect for the hidden deeper essence about it.  Even though the point can be great for releasing deep fears and feeling stuck, not all patients are ready to face what comes up and that should be considered before using it.  

TCM Academy has a great new talk on the acupuncture point Kidney-1 (Yongquan, Gushing Spring), when and how to use it. If you’re interested to gain a deep understanding of Kidney 1, in terms of it’s etymology, it’s meaning and it’s clinical application then check out this great short course – it’s free!  

Learn the interesting duality inherent in the Kidneys.  They are the root of yin and yang qi, and create a dynamic movement developing the potential of heaven and earth.   

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