In case you missed it…

Incase you missed it, we’re sharing some really of the really interesting news in, or related to our field from February.

NY Times article: “Germs in Your Gut Are Talking to Your Brain. Scientists Want to Know What They’re Saying.” The ancient Chinese understood the relationship of thoughts and our brains to the digestive system (Sp/St), and increasingly these ideas are finding their place in modern science. 

Lonny Jarrett’s article on Dry Needling was a hit this month.  He so eloquently puts it: “Chinese medicine cannot be reduced to a technique like “needle insertion.” It is the most highly evolved holistic theory of human function. It is an ecological medicine that understands human health in the context of body, mind, spirit, culture, and biosphere.”

In the world of Insomnia, there was more research supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture, and another course on how to treat it, and research on the effects of sleep on the potency of the immune system.  Sleep strengthens our ability to destroy infected cells.

Sleep Could Be The Best Medicine To Fight Off An Infection.
Insomnia and the rhythms of sleep.

There was also more interesting research supporting the use of Chinese medicine for menopausal symptoms. One study found that in 5 weeks of treatment there was significant change and women felt better.  Check it out: Efficacy of a standardised acupuncture approach for women with bothersome menopausal symptoms: a pragmatic randomised study in primary care (the ACOM study), and Acupuncture for Menopause.

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered why the randomized placebo-controlled trials are limited and inappropriate for Acupuncture research, take a look at this.


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