International Certificate in Oncology Acupuncture: Upcoming Workshops

2019 is well under way and we’ve all got to schedule our continuing education.  Don’t forget to add the International Certificate in Oncology Acupuncture to your agenda!  We have an exciting year ahead.

You’ve probably already all heard about the NCCAOM approved online Oncology Module, which is half of the work to achieving an International Certificate in Oncology Acupuncture.  The other half is to join one of our on-site Integrative Oncology weekends, and here is the list so far for 2019.  

If your city isn’t on here, don’t worry, we are adding several other locations soon, in the US and in Europe.  If you want to make sure you’re on our list, contact us and let us know.  

What is the On-Site Integrative Oncology weekend?

The On-Site Integrative Oncology weekend is designed to complement the online module, as well as to complete certification in Integrative Oncology Acupuncture.   

The time spent together will allow for a direct education and interaction that modern technology cannot provide. You will meet other practitioners, study together, and get the opportunity to find answers to any questions you have about the online module.

The weekend will be led by Dr. Yair Maimon, Phd., a Chinese Medicine practitioner with over 30 years of experience as, a teacher and researcher, focusing on Oncology and Shen. On some of the venues there will be other teachers.


The lectures will cover a breadth of subjects, including: analysis of cancer patterns, evaluating pre-existing conditions, side effects of chemotherapy, treatment of the immune system, cases studies, special needle techniques, diagnosis and treatment of different types of cancer, as well as understanding general scientific research and specifically oncology acupuncture research.


Registration is done directly with the school unless otherwise noted.


Poland, 15-16 March 2019

Location & Registration:



Belgium, Antwerpen 4-5, May 2019.

Location & Registration:



Ireland: 15-16 June, 2019. Location:

Carlton Dublin Airport Hotel, Old Airport Road, Cloghran.

For more details


Germany, Berlin. 5-6 October, 2019. Location and Registration:

Shou Zhong:, 030 29044603

Switzerland, Winterthur. 23-24 November, 2019. Location and Registration:

Chiway:, 41 52 365 35 43


Austria, Vienna. 25-26th January 2020. Location and Registration:

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Kontrollierte Akupunktur und TCM (OGKA), +43 (0)316 374050


Germany, Offenbach 22-23 February 2020. Location & Registration:

ABZ Mitte

USA/North America

Locations and dates coming soon!!

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