12th Annual ICCM Congress in Tel Aviv, Israel

Who wants to join us in Israel in April of 2019?

TCM Academy is super excited to be partnering with and sponsoring the 12th annual ICCM conference!

Come to Israel for 3 days of engaged learning and sharing with other practitioners of Chinese medicine.

Learn about different treatment modalities in TCM:

  • The Shang Han Lun
  • Stems & Branches
  • Wang Ju-Yi’s Meridian Therapy
  • The Balance Method
  • Toyohari
  • 5 Elements

Besides all of the wonderful lectures, there are other fun activities:

  • A weekend trip to Jerusalem, the Dead Sea & Masada
  • An integrative hospital tour
  • An international evening to meet and greet our fellow practitioners
  • A walking tour of Tel Aviv at night

You can take a vacation, continue your education, and hang out with a bunch of awesome TCM folks!

For more information, email info@iccm.org.il or visit http://www.iccm.org.il/en/about-congress/


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